Understand your messages

Messages are more than an open, a click, or RPE. Tap into the intangible factors that shape impactful messaging.

Message generated with AI assistance

The more sophisticated the understanding, the faster you can move.

Cordial AI doesn’t just analyze content, it analyzes the context – the factors that contribute to performance – giving you the best understanding of your messages. With that understanding, and our predictive technology, Cordial AI can generate entire programs and strategies to drive the unique results you’re looking for.

Cordial AI can speed up marketing tasks that have traditionally taken weeks:

  • Generative content creation to test and hone content and strategies quickly
  • Synthetic test audiences to understand audience reactions without having to risk churn
  • Journey recommendations based on opportunities it recognizes in your programs

Unlock the insights that shape impactful messaging

Generative Message Content

Swiftly generate email subject lines and cross-channel messaging content to speed up the production process and spark creativity

Example of messages

Message Analysis

Pinpoint the key factors that drive message performance, customer engagement, and conversion to optimize high-impact campaigns that deliver results. 

Example of email context being reviewed

Block <> Audience Predictions

Deliver the unique generative message content most likely to achieve business goals across all audiences at scale.
*coming soon

Example of image editor

Generative Sculpt Block Assembly

Using block level predictions we will create the perfect message for you. Generated from Sculpt blocks and a deep understanding of your customer and the messages that resonate with them.
*coming soon

Example of email with Generative AI