Understand your customers

When you understand, you can predict, and when you can predict, you can automate. 

Person smiling and receiving a message powered by AI

Basic predictions are table stakes. Cordial AI raises the stakes.

With an understanding of your customer, you can predict the right message, at the right time, for the right person. When you understand your customers’ reactions to complex variables, you can predict their behavior—and how to drive the results your business cares about.

Cordial AI can understand and predict things like:

  • The right audience for the results you want to achieve
  • How likely your customers are to churn, based on your definition of churn
  • The right channel and frequency
  • The right content – whether it’s tone, product, or imagery – to trigger an action

Predict your customers' future behaviors

Product Recommendations

Utilize advanced machine learning to analyze your customers' behaviors, preferences, and purchase history, to predict personalized recommendations that resonate.

Example of an email with AI

Send Time Optimization

Analyze contacts’ past engagement, order history, browsing, and cart activity to calculate optimal send time to increase engagement.

Example of platform with AI assistance

Predict Channel

Analyze past behaviors and predict the ideal channel your customers are most likely to engage with across email, SMS, and mobile app at a 1:1 message level.
*coming soon

Predict Frequency

Better understand your customers, when they are engaged and when to back off to ensure the relationship is maintained. Personal frequency caps allow for adaptive message volume.
*coming soon

Example of platform with AI assistance