A platform that understands marketers

What if your marketing platform was as effortless as speaking to another marketer?

Person smiling and seeing the results of their campaigns performing successfully

“I love dealing with 17 different platforms.” – Said no marketer, ever.

Cordial AI is not another complex platform for you to learn. We believe that marketers should get to focus on what they do best—creating impactful strategies and compelling content. Cordial AI is powering a More Human UX, with natural language interfaces and synthetic teammates who can quickly accomplish advanced tasks and analysis.

Cordial AI understands your data and can make it more actionable than ever before:

  • Test and hone content and strategies quickly with generative creation
  • Understand audience reactions without risking churn with synthetic test audiences
  • Get journey recommendations based on opportunities Cordial AI recognizes in your programs
  • Complete tasks without having to know tools or code with natural language interfaces

Where natural language and marketing converge

Natural Language Audience Builder

Build complex rulesets and audience segments through an easy-to-use natural language interface.

Example of team communications in platform

Virtual AI Teammate

Collaborate with AI virtual teammates through Slack, Teams, email, chat, and more using natural language to perform routine tasks and generate marketing programs. 

Example of chat in platform

Natural Language Customer Analytics

Gain insights and effortlessly generate reports using plain language.
*coming soon

Example of natural language generation

Goal Optimization

Create, scale, and optimize strategic marketing programs to achieve business goals faster.
*coming soon

Example of in platform metrics